SHIRTS:  The shirt Amanda is wearing is made
from a lightweight, polyester material making it
easy to clean and quick to dry.  It has vents in
the back and billows out while riding to allow for
ventilation.  This one is SPF (Sun Protection
Factor) rated.  

In high heat climates such as Southeast Asia
long sleeves are a must unless you want
crispy-as-french-fried arms.  

BOTTOMS:  Thin lightweight cycling shorts with
a good pad are a must.  You might also
consider the special underwear with a built in
pad.  Either way, you will probably want to wear
a pair of thin regular shorts over the padded
spandex cycling shorts if you are cycling
outside of the U.S., Europe, Australia or New
Zealand.  In some countries where modesty is
important both women and men may want to
wear lightweight long pants or 3/4 length pants.

SHOES:  We both have a pair of Chaco
sandals and a pair of multipurpose Salomon
watershoes that can be used as running shoes,
hikers, beach shoes and kayak shoes.  

In the high heat we usually wear the Chacos to

GLOVES: Amanda wears a pair of regular
gardening gloves to protect her hands from the
sun.  Rich slathers on sun cream.

REFLECTIVE VEST:  You can find these at
most flea markets for nearly nothing.  Rich
wears his vest most every day, even in bright
sunlight.  In most countries the police wear
something similar so it puts the drivers on their
extra-best behavior.  

We are extremely frugal....that's how we are
able to afford a trip like this.  (For more on this
Buying Freedom) Nearly every piece of
clothing we are using on this journey (except
undies) has been purchased second-hand from
thrift shops, swap-meets, flea markets, and
through eBay.

Buying second-hand clothing is not for
everyone. There is a bit of chance, like
spinning a roulette wheel, in what you will find,
the size, color, fit, and style.  But once
accustomed to this way of outfitting ourselves
we can never go back.

We've gotten some items, like Amanda's
waterproof Patagonia pants, at such a bargain
we were unable to believe our luck.  At other
times we've had to do without something we
really wanted until finding it second-hand.

Not long after finding eBay we realized this
thrifty way of life could not only allow us to save,
but we could actually make a little extra by
selling those items that did not fit properly or
were not exactly what we wanted.

Before eBay we would have passed on the
super-duper-Gore-Tex cycling jacket in XXL.  
After eBay we purchased it, snapped a photo,
listed it, and sold it for a tidy profit.

We made so much at this that we paid for our
bikes, equipment, and airfare to Thailand.  
Read more about this)
Bike Equipment
The Bikes
Mattress & Chair
Sleeping Bags
Water Filter
Water Bottles
Bike Racks
Bike Computer
Rain Gear
Shortwave Radio
Bell & Compass
Laptop Computer
We purchased
much of our gear
through ebay
We have not been
sponsored by any
If a product stinks,
we'll tell you.
Click here for your favorite eBay items

Amanda cooling off with a
complimentary towel provided at the
hotel reception in Bang Saphon,
Bicycle Safety Triangle on the Road in Thailand
Notice the long billowing light colored
shirt.  She is also wearing knee length
Miriam-Amanda Bejarano-Ligato wearing a Columbia travel shirt while bicycle touring in Thailand
Here is a great example of  
the perfect cycle touring
clothing.  It is important to
remember that cycle touring
is much different from road
racing or mountain biking.  
When cycle touring you are
not only riding a bike, you
will also be visiting places
where the typical spandex
cycling attire is not
appropriate.  Protection
from the hot sun and
insects is also a plus
Schwalbe reflective tires reflection 3M with Richard Ligato
Bangkok Train Station at 4:00 a.m.  Cycling
in the dark is not ideal but sometimes you
have no other option.  Notice the reflective
tape on the bike and the reflective orange
vest Rich is wearing.
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