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Day 1
Train from -m10556-r78268-Bangkok-Hotel-Deals.html"
target="_blank">Bangkok, Hualamphong Station
target="_blank">Ayutthaya, Thailand
1.5 hours

Road/Ride - Waited for the morning traffic to decrease and
we pedaled out of Suk 11 around 9:30 am.  Traffic in
target="_blank">Bangkok was light at this time.  We
pedaled down Sukhumvit Road, turned left onto Rajdamri
Road and then right onto Thanon Rama IV to get to the train
station.  Wireless Road off of Sukhumvit toward Thanon
Rama IV and the train station works well too.

Cycling in
target="_blank">Bangkok is much easier than we thought
even fully loaded.  Streets and the traffic compensate for
scooters, vendor carts and bicycles.  

When we arrived at the station we had to wait for a
train with a cargo car.  Bicycles are loaded onto the
cargo car and we had no idea that only certain trains
take cargo car
The charge to take the bikes to
was 55 b ($1.48) each.  We paid for the bikes just outside
the train station at a booth.  It's better to declare the bikes
when buying your ticket that way you know if the train can
carry cargo.  This particular route only offered tickets for 2nd
and 3rd class cars.   Our train ticket to
target="_blank">Ayutthaya cost 15 b each (.40), third class.  
No a/c, no fan, just windows and grates that rolled up and
slammed down with the vibration.  Front seats in our car are
designated for monk use.

target="_blank">Ayutthaya is mid-sized city with a mixture of
modern buildings and historical Wats and ruins.  This city is
very touristy and a traveler's dream.   Architecturally, the
Wats and the surrounding grounds are beautiful and worth
the time to spend at least one day pedaling around the ruins.  
Every amenity a traveler needs is here.  Good places to eat,
drink and sleep, plus the basics, a well stocked supermarket
on Chao Phrom Rd (near Soi Thor Kor Sor), two lively night
markets with many food vendors and fresh fruit and

The city has lovely river views, great sunsets and lots
of history.
Street traffic is light making cycling an easy way to get
target="_blank">Ayutthaya. The streets are wide, flat, well lit
in the evenings. Distances between the Wats and other sites
of interest are varied, at times a few kilometers apart, so a
bicycle makes getting around fast and fun.

The train station in
target="_blank">Ayutthaya is about 2 kilometers from the
center and an easy pedal into town.  The train stopped in
target="_blank">Ayutthaya around 3 pm and Rich ran over to
the cargo car and unloaded the bikes while I tossed our
panniers out the train window.  Fully loaded we pedaled from
the train station via Rojana Rd over the river.  Then we took
Uthong Rd toward Soi Thor Kor Sor, in the north eastern part
of the city, where most accommodations are located.

Slept - Suan Luang Hotel
Cost- 500 b ($13.51)
Location -  96 Rachana (Rojana) Road. Good central
location to explore the Wats.
Amenities - Standard carpeted room with double bed.  
A/C,TV with Aussie channel, fridge, hot water and en
suite bathroom.
We read in our guidebook that a hospitality school
runs the hotel and trains future hospitality industry
employees.  The hotel is a bit run down, but nice with
all the amenities.

Bikes were locked inside the lobby area in a side
hallway.  Very secure.

Accommodations in town - Plenty of guest houses in
town.  Mostly concentrated along Soi Thor Kor Sor and
the surrounding streets.  Higher end hotels are also in
this area and along the river.  

Wat Exploration Ayutthaya - Side Trip

The historial area of old Ayutthaya was declared a
UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991.  The area is
spread over 3 sq. kilometers.  Which makes having a
bicycle the ideal method to explore the spectacular
Wats, ruins and chedis built of red-brick and set in lush
gardens, around lovely lakes and lush, forested

We spent the entire day pedaling around inside the old
city and then ventured over the river the more obscure
Wats outside the wall city.
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