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Day 2
Ayutthaya to Singburi, Thailand
Kilometers 83  Miles 50

Road/Ride - Took a secondary road out of Ayutthaya
toward highway 32.Exited on highway 311 toward
Singburi.  All roads are sealed and road work is being
done for most part of the ride.  No shoulder at times
and side of the road is covered in rubble.  It was
easier to pedal on the highway then through the rubble.
Moderate traffic. Drivers are very patient and aware of

Few food vendors on the highway other than some
make shift stalls selling a funny looking dry fish, others
had straw baskets and hammocks.  Services such as
gas stations with convenience stores are well spaced
out along highway 32, except for the last 12 miles (20

Hills - None to mention.  This ride is flat.  

Singburi is a small town. A mall-like building with a
supermarket (well-stocked) and shops is behind the
hotel.  Food court with KFC, Dairy Queen, Mr Donuts
and other food vendors are in the building.  

The local fresh market is one block north of the hotel.  
Walk through the mini-shopping mall and come out to
the street on the opposite side of the mall. The local
market is across the street to the right of the mini-mall.  
Lots of food stalls selling fresh vegetables, fruit, tofu,
local sweets, popcorn and dry food and fast food
vendors that prepare the typical fare.

Singburi is the sort of town you spend only one night
as a stop over on route somewhere else.  The town
center has shops and all amenities that a traveler
would need.

Slept - Singburi Palace
Location - On the river, just after crossing the bridge if
entering town from the south on Highway 311.  Seven
floors with a big visible sign.
Cost - 642 b ($17.35)
Amenities - Hugh room with a queen bed, en suite
bathroom, a/c, fridge and view of the town.

Accommodations in town - We did not see any other
hotel or guest house but we have to admit that we
didn't really look any further than the Singburi Palace.
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