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Day 3
Singburi to Nakon Sawan, Thailand
Kilometers 117 Miles 72.5
Road/Ride - Construction continues on Hwy 32 all the
way to Nakon Sawan.  Out of Singburi we pedaled 4
miles (6.4 kilometers) out to town before we got back
on to Hwy 32.  According to our Michelin map, via hwy
32, the distance between Singburi and Nakon Sawan
is 100 kilometers (60 miles), but it took us 117
kilometers (70.2 miles) to arrive in Nakon Sawan.  
Highway 32 becomes Highway 1 just south of Nakon

Traffic was light to moderate.  Due to the highway
construction the shoulder on the road at times
disappeared and at other times we had a lane the
width of one car.  Trucks, buses and private vehicles
were very considerate and gave us plenty of room
when we had no choice but to ride on the highway due
to the construction and lack of shoulder.
Lots of supportive honking, thumbs up, smiles and
hellos from the locals as they whizzed past us.    

Services are spread out within10 kilometers (6 miles)
of each other, except around kilometer 50 (30 miles)
to 70 (42 miles)) where we past only two services
(toilets/gas/food) but they were on the opposite side of
the highway.  The road is divided by a median with two
lanes going north and two lanes going south.  U-turns
are possible to access the services on the opposite
side of the highway.

After kilometer 70 (42 miles) services are spread out
about every 5 kilometers (3 miles).  A few times two or
three gas stations with a food court, restrooms and
convenience store were next to each other.  

Vendors on the road were few due to the highway
construction.  But we did pedal past hammock
vendors and make shift stalls with locals selling a
strange black nut or fruit that looks like the head of a

Hills - The road is straight and flat except for one long,
gradual uphill that is about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles)
south of Nakon Sawan.  It's not a bad hill but by the
time we got to it we had been riding for hours in the
heat of the day and we really felt the climb.

Nakon Sawan is a mid-sized town concentrated on the
highway.  The town is not particularly attractive, but it
does have accommodations, restaurants, shops,
internet and markets.  It is located on highway 1 along
the river bank and it's an easy town to maneuver
around on your bike and a pleasant enough stop to
break up a long riding day.  The area around the
highway is very built up with a shopping center that has
a movie theater, food court, Big C Supermarket and
lots of shops.

Slept - Hotel Pimarn
Cost - 850 b ($21.62)
Location - Asia Road.  The hotel is off of Highway 1 at
the north end of town about 1 kilometer (.6 miles) north
of Big C supermarket. Across from the bus station.  
Ask anyone in town and they will point the way.
Amenities - Luxury hotel.  Huge room with two double
beds with balcony, en suite bathtub/shower, a/c, fridge,
TV with CNN and HBO. Hotel has a restaurant, bar
and disco.  Room rate includes a generous buffet
breakfast.  Free internet.  Make sure to ask for a user
card at the front desk for the unlimited internet access
provided in the lobby kiosk.
Bikes were allowed to be stored in our room on the
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