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Day 4
Nakhon Sawan to Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand
Kilometers 128  Miles 80

Road/Ride - Hwy 1 is a four lane road, two lanes going
north, two going south.  The highway is sealed with a
wide shoulder.  The road construction ends at this
point.  Traffic is light to moderate.  

At kilometer 17 we passed a small village with a good
size open market and plenty lots of food options. At
kilometer 46 we passed steep peaks jutting out of the
flatlands on the right and left side of the road.  Luckily
the road passed in between the rock formations. At
kilometer 50 a good size town with food and shops.   

Hills - Mostly flat, only one significant hill.  At kilometer
110 (mile 68) we started to climb a long, gradual hill
with a good incline.  

Banana vendor stalls are gathered at the summit
selling sweetened bananas of all sorts of variations.

Kamphaeng Phet is a walled city with great historical
significance.  It is declared a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.  The ruins inside and around the walled
city are spectacular and rival those in Ayutthaya.  The
modern part of the city is cluttered and cramped with
shops, restaurants, hotels and food vendors.  Traffic is
hectic and haphazard at times.  The one-way streets
make maneuvering around a bit challenging yet it is a
good place to cycle around.

The river road on Thesa Road has a large, lively night
bazaar with tons of food stalls, fruit, popcorn, and
every delight imaginable.   

Slept - Phet Hotel
Cost -700 b ($18.91)
Amenities - Nice hotel with all the amenities expected
in this price range.  Large room, tastefully decorated in
traditional Thai style, with two double beds, en suite
bath with hot water, a/c, fridge, TV with several
channels in English including movie channels.  
Buffet breakfast included, free Wi/Fi in the lobby.  
Internet 100b/hour.  Restaurant attached.
Location - 189 Bumrungraj Rd.  Take a left off of
Thanon Rajdamnoen.  Two blocks down the street on
the left side across from 7/11.

Bikes were allowed in our room.  We had to wiggle
them into the elevator but they did fit and we had plenty
of room on the balcony for storage.

Accommodations in town - Plenty of places to sleep in
the city.  Nice hotels along the river. The new River
View Hotel on Thanon Thesa Rd, between Soi 11 and
Soi 15 looked nice.  Plus other options in the area.  

Day Trip
UNESCO World Heritage Site - Kamphaeng Phet
Historical Park
Kilometers 13. 2  Miles 8.25

The historical city and ruins are north of the city center.  
Entrance fee to the park is 40b ($1.08) per person.  
Maps and brochures are available in the Information
Office located before the ticket booth in an elegant
building.  Restrooms are in the park.

The walled city is about 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) long.  
To arrive at the site go north on Rachdamnern Road
and the entrance is on the south side of the walled

Cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the ruins.  Roads
are paved outside the wall city.  Some paths closer to
the ruins are dirt or rock.

We highly recommend bikes, especially in the second
part of the part off the park that is outside of town west
of Highway 101.  The entire distance around the park
to visit the ruins is a 5 kilometer (3mile) loop.
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