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Day 5
Kamphaeng Phet to Sukhothai, Thailand
Kilometers 84.6    Miles 52.9
Road/Ride - Took secondary road 101 norht out of
Kamphaeng Phet toward Sukhothai.  A two lane road.  
Well maintained, asphat, sealed the entire way with a
wide shoulder.

The first part of hwy 101 passes next to the
Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park (Old City) and cuts
through the wall of the old city and heads north toward
Sukhothai.  The road is well marked with signs
indicating towns and kilometer markers.  We did find
some of the kilometer readings to be a bit off.

Traffic was very light to none at all.  It is mostly a shady
ride that passes by farms and small towns.  Pedaled
by two larger cities, Phran Kratai at about kilometer 43
and Khiri Mai at kilometer 62.  Services are a not as
spaced out as the major highway.  Did have to use the
bushes a few times.

Hills - First 30 kilometers the highway is undulating,
nothing major.  

We wanted to take the secondary road toward Old
Sukhothai off of 101 at the town of Khiria Mat, but my
Michelin map noted the road as 1113 and our Thai
Atlas had it as 1272, and when we passed the road it
was signed at 1319.   The secondary road we wanted
to take bi-passed new Sukhothai and ends at the Old
City.  Because we were unsure of where route 1319
led we continued on hwy 101 and entered Sukhothai in
the new city.

Sukhothai new town is about 12 kilometers east of the
historical ruins of old Sukhothai.  New Sukhothai is a
busy, commercial city with lots of activity, shops,
restaurants, internet and accommodations.  Most
amenities that a traveler would need are concentrated
on a few streets in the city center.  

A good fresh food market set up along the river next to
Wat Ratchathani on Thanon Ratchathani.  During the
night the market sets up one street east of Thanon
Ratchathani and spreads out on a few streets.   

Slept- Sukhothai Orchid Hotel
Cost - 390 b. ($8.10) for a room on the first floor.
Rooms on the upper floors with breakfast are 600b
($$16.21).  The rooms are identical.
Location - 43 Singhawat Rd. Convenient location in
the center of town.
Amenities - Small room with a double bed.  A/c, en
suite bath, fridge, TV with Aussie station.  Very helpful
and courteous staff.  One receptionist spoke fluent
Locked bikes in the lobby next to the guard desk.  

Day Trip Old Sukhothai Historical Park
Side trip - 14 kilometers (8.4 miles)

Ruins of Old Sukhothai on a bike via the Canal Road

Cycled to Old Sukhothai via the canal road off the
main road.  The canal road is beautiful and shaded.  
We pedaled through traditional Thai neighborhoods,
rice fields and plantations.  The canal road has almost
no traffic only three cars passed us.

You can get to the canal road on you way to old
Sukhothai.  The road begins about 3 kilometers out of
town off of Charowithithong Rd toward the old city.  

Look for a Wat on your right side.  Next to the Wat is a
Thai gas station.  The canal road begins between the
gas station and the Wat.  Cross the small bridge over
the canal and take a left.  Stay on the road that
meanders along the canal until you reach Wat Chang
Lom (encircled by elephants) on your right, then cross
the bridge on your left and go straight until you come
out to the main road.  Turn right on the main road
toward the old city for about 1.5 k away.

Make a note of where you exited onto the main road
so you can take the canal route back to new town.
Bikes are encouraged as a way to get around the
ruins and we highly recommend taking you bike to
explore the old city.

Lots of nice places to have lunch outside the old city.  
There are also plenty of accommodations in this area.  
One that looked particularly nice is the Old Sukhothai
Cultural Center, (The Thai Village House).  It also has
a great restaurant.
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