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Day 6
Sukhothai to Phitsanulok, Thailand
Took train to Lampang (6 hours+)
Kilometers 58    Miles  34.8
(note alternate route from Sukhothai to Lampang below)
Road/Ride - Secondary highway 12.  Easy flat ride.  
Sealed road with a wide shoulder.  Traffic was light to

Phitsanulok is a busy, chaotic city on the Nam River
lacking in any charm.  The reason most people stop
here is because of its central location.  The city has a
major highway going through that extends in every
direction; north, south, east and west and links with the
entire country.  It also is a major railway stop for the
northern and southern route of Thailand.

Because of its popularity and practical location,
Phitsanulok is has all the amenities for both local and
foreign travelers.  There are plenty of accommodations
at all levels, restaurants, supermarkets and a shopping

The train station in Phitsanulok is about 2 kilometers in
town once you cross over the Nam River.  
The way to the station is well signed once you enter
the city on Singhawat Rd go past the Topland
Shopping Center and go round the traffic circle and
take Ekathosarot Rd (south).  The station is down the
street on the left.  It has an antique rail car in the front.  

In Lampang the train station is on the west side of town
about 3 kilometers away from the center.

Lampang is the second largest city in the northern
Thailand situated along the Wang River.  Traffic is
heavy and streets are crowded and chaotic.  

Lampang was once considered one of Thailand's
most beautiful cities, but lack of control over the city's
growth has transformed the town into a chaotic,
commercial center with not much appeal.  

The only unique aspect that still remains is the horse
drawn carriage that takes the place of the ever-present
tuk-tuks.  The carriages, used mostly by the locals to
get around town, are driven by Thailand's version of
the wild-west cowboy with Stetson hat and boots being
a part of the mandatory attire.

The city has all the amenities a traveler would need.  A
lively night life, a large supermarket on Hwy 1, a huge
covered market the length of two streets on
Boonyawat Rd. between Sri Chum Rd and Prabhat
Rd. in the center of town, plus shops, restaurants, food
vendors and plenty of accommodations for everyone's

Slept - Pin Hotel
Location- 8 Suan Dok Rd.  
Cost - 700 b ($18.91)
Amenities - Balcony, Holiday Inn style hotel and room.  
Spacious, huge double beds, sitting area.
Bikes were locked in a store room just next to the
reception area.

Accommodations in Town - Plenty of choices for
accommodations.  From the 5 star to the 2 star.  

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, Thailand
Kilometers  40    Miles  25  (round-trip)
Side Trip -  Easy ride.  

From Lumpang we decided instead of getting on a
tuk-tuk or a bus to go to visit Wat Phra That Lampang
Luang on our bicycles.  The ride begins on hwy 1
toward Ko Kha.

In the town of Ko Kha go through the town and over the
bridge.  At the fork in the road turn right on to route
1034.  The Wat is about 2.5 kilometers away just off of
route 1034.  You'll see the chedi as you approach the

The road is flat sealed and well signed.  Traffic in light
and it took us about 40 minutes to get to the Wat and
about 1 hour to visit the grounds.  

Food stalls are set up across the street from the Wat
with plenty of food options.  The Ko Kha town also has
plenty of food options to enjoy lunch.  

UPDATE:  Kat and Matt submitted this alternate
(cycling) route from Sukhothai to Lampang

DAY 1: Sukhothai to Sri Satchanalai (route 101, 67
kilometers)  Sleeping: Guesthouse and Resort south
of Sre Satchanalai

DAY 2: Sri Satchanalai to Wang Chin (route 101 to
1177 to 1125 toward Wang Chin, kilometers aprox.
74)Sleeping: Vang Tong Resort #2

DAY 3: Wang Chin to Lampang (route 1023 to route
11, kilometers aprox. 72)
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