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Day 7
Lampang to Elephant Conservation Center
Kilometers 33   Miles  19.8

Elephant Conservation Center  to Kantun-Lanna
Homestay Residence
Kilometers - 20.6  Miles 12.3

Total travel time for the day
Kilometers  53.6   Miles  33.5

Road/Ride- Highway 1 then Highway 11 north.  Started
our ride at the usual time around 6:00 am.  It was a
much cooler morning with a bit of fog.  We followed the
signs out of town for Highway 1 toward Ko Khan town.  
After about 2 kilometers on highway 1, we took hwy 11
toward Chiang Mai.  

Hills- Hwy 11 started out flat and straight.  By kilometer
30 the road was undulating, not major hills, but you
could feel yourself climbing up then going down until
we reached the Elephant Conservation Center at
around kilometer 34.  

After leaving the Elephant Conservation Center around
kilometer 37 the hills increase and persist for about 15
kilometers.  Some hills are quite steep and others are
gradual ascents.
The shoulder is wide throughout and traffic is
moderate to heavy.

Side trip - The Elephant Conservation Center is well
signed throughout Hwy 11 from Lampang to Chiang
Mai.  The entrance to the center is just off the hwy 11
around kilometer 35.  The actual arena/spectator area
is about 2 kilometers further inside the park past the
ticket booth.  There is a tram that takes visitors inside
the center.  There is also an area near the ticket booth
to lock bicycles, but because we were fully loaded we
decided to pedal into the park.  
Hills - The 2 kilometer ride inside the center toward the
arena/spectator area is sealed, with some very steep
and difficult climbs going in and going out of the

Accommodation in the Elephant Center - The Elephant
Conservation Center has a few luxury bungalows for
over night accommodations with en suite bath.  The
bungalows looked nice in the brochure, but they were
fully booked when we visited.  

Slept - Kuntan-Lanna Residence
Location -  Near Khuntan National Park at kilometer
50 on Hwy 11 toward Chiang Mai from Lampang.  
Sign posted on the highway as
Cost - 1,200b ($32.43)
Amenities - Private luxurious traditional teak style
bungalow complex situated in a lush and impeccably
maintained garden.  All three bungalows are
decorated beautifully.  There is a communal house in
the center of the bungalows with a full kitchen, dining
and living room area.  The walls are all glass doors
that open to the lush gardens.  Balconies and patios
wrap around the bungalows.  
Private shower, satellite TV, a/c, fan, wooden floors.
Only draw back is the location.  The resort is next to
the highway, but yet this was the very reason we
stopped here, convenience.
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