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Cycle Touring Routes   >  Cambodia  >  Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville  >  Day
Day 5
Sihanoukville ferry boat to Cambodian Border
in Koh Kong, Cambodia
Ferry from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong Cambodia Border
with Thailand
Travel time -  4.5 hours
Cost - $20.00 per person $5.00 per bicycle
Where to buy your ticket - Every hotel and guesthouse sells
the ticket.  The going rate is 20.00 USD per person and
5.00 per bicycle
The bicycle ticket is paid for at the dock.

Location of dock - The dock is 9 kilometers from
Serendipity Beach.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to
arrive because we had no idea where we were pedaling to.

Hilly ride - The ride to the dock is hilly.  The first climb out of
Serendipity Beach back on to the main road is sandy dirt
with plenty of rocks.  This climb is not long or steep but it
did take a bit of maneuvering to get through the maze of
rocks and sand while balancing the fully loaded bike.

The next three climbs are not steep but enough of an effort
to lower our gears and pour out a little sweat.

The port is toward Victory Beach, past the town center.  We
did ask a few locals for directions because the dock where
the ferry leaves is not in the Port.
Once at the Port Gate 2, pass this gate and continue on the
road until you see Gate 3.  Go toward Gate 3, but you don't
actually enter at Gate 3.  You veer to the right and continue
down the road the heads toward the container lot.  Follow
this road as it runs along a concrete wall on the right and
vendor shacks on the left.  The road quality deteriorates
and becomes a pot-holed, dirt, mud path.  Continue about
1 kilometer and on the left is an entrance with a sign for the
ferry boat.  The sign has a drawing of a ferry boat with a
schedule Sihanoukville 12:00  Koh Kong 8:00.  The ferry
name on the ticket is KHEMARA.
Continue in and head toward the water.

If you did not buy your ticket in Sihanoukville there is a
shack that sells tickets here.   But I am not too sure how
much room is available on a day of purchase.

Tip!  The bicycles were loaded, tied and locked on the roof
up against the rail by Rich.   Locking the bikes to the rail
turned out to be a good idea.  Cambodians unload cargo
from the roof immediately upon arrival in Koh Kong.  
Because we locked the bikes they were unable to unload
them and leave them unattended on the dock until we got
out of the boat to retrieve them.  

About the boat - Boat is a long riverboat with a flat roof.  
Seating for 114 passengers.  Each row has three airplane
style seats with very little leg room.  The boat was full to
capacity and many locals were sitting on the floor in the
back near the toilet.

Passengers can opt to sit on the roof during the ride. There
are no seats or cushions, but lot of fresh air and sun.

Toilet (squatter) in the back.  Toilet paper was provided but
ran out early in the voyage.

Smooth Ride - This particular ride was smooth.  But we
heard from a very reliable source that the ride can get quite
bumpy and jerky.  

Food on Boat - The boat made one stop about 2 hours into
the voyage to pick up more locals and cargo.  A few food
vendors were on the dock and some strolled on board
selling drinks and snacks.  No other food was available on

Entertainment - TV in the front of the boat showed western
and Asian action films.  Volume was very low and could
only be heard by the first few rows.

A/C is great.  Not too cold, just the right amount of air for
the number of passengers.

Boat landing - The boat docks right in the city of Koh Kong.  
No ramp, no climb just an easy pedal out onto the main

Slept - Koh Kong City Hotel
Location - Next to the port dock about 200 meters north on
the river.
Cost - $15.00
Amenities - New hotel on the river with fantastic view,
restaurant and rooms.  Room is large tiled with a huge
window and a lovely view of the river and the sunset.  Two
huge double beds, en suite bath with a proper shower and
tub.  Fridge, a/c, TV with plenty of English channels.  Nice
furniture, tastefully decorated.  
Bicycles were locked in the conference room located next
to the reception desk.

Koh Kong town is a small town spread out over several
kilometers.  The streets are wide and traffic is very light.  
The activity seems to cluster around the market area.  
Lively, well stocked central market.  Plenty of restaurants,
vendor stalls, guesthouses and shops with all the amenities
a traveler would need.

Accommodations in Town - Several hotels are near the
dock and they looked like the nicest in town.  In the town,
closer to the main market, there are several guesthouses
well signed and easy to spot.