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Day 6
Koh Kong Cambodia to Trat, Thailand  Crossing a border
Kilometers  101   Miles 60
Rode for 66 kilometers  Hitched a ride for the remaining 40

New Exchange Rate   34 baht = $1.00

Road/Ride - Hwy 318.  Sealed road with varying shoulder.  
Between kilometers 27 and 35 the road is patchy, with no
shoulder or the shoulder is the old unpaved part of the
highway.  The shoulder at times became gravely.  

At kilometer 35 the road is smooth again with a narrow,
paved shoulder and the ride flattens somewhat.  
Sometimes the shoulder is wide and sealed at other times
it is the unpaved part of the highway.

Traffic is very light to non-existent.

The border with Thailand is 10 kilometers from the port in
Koh Kong in the border town of Cham Yeam, Cambodia.

The border crossing in Cham Yeam, Cambodia is a very
calm.  There are wooden barriers to keep the moto drivers
and touts away from the administrative offices.  The border
building and windows are well signed in English.  It took
about 3 minutes to get our passports stamped out.  The
immigration window has a small camera attached and our
picture was taken before leaving the country.  

The border station in Hat Lek, Thailand is barely 1
kilometer north.  The procedure also took about 2 to 3
minutes.  Entrance cards are on a table in front of the
immigration window.   Thirty-day visas are issued instantly
at no cost.  Longer stay visas can be arranged in advance
at any of the Thai Embassies.  We got a 60-day visa in
Phnom Penh.

This ride is not developed or populated.   After Hat Lek the
next town is at kilometer 26 at Khlong Yai.  This is a good
place to pick up water and snacks.  It has a restaurant and
two gas stations with toilet and convenience stores.  Not
much after this town for a while.

Hills- Hard steep climb at kilometer 8.5.  The moment we
left Hat Lek the climbing begins.  A slow gradual climb just
as we left the border.  The frist 7 kilometers from the border
the road has several short steep climbs with nice descents,
only to climb again.

At kilometer 35 the ride continues to be undulated with
some flat moments and then some more ups and downs.

Scenery - The ride is not built up or populated.  Very few
homes or places to find food and snacks.  The surrounding
area at some points is jungle, very tropical, lush and green.  
The weather is cooler than Cambodia, but it is still very hot.  
Some houses nestled in jungle.  Some glimpses of the
ocean through the dense foliage.   

Accommodations along this ride - At kilometer 19  (11.4
miles) there is a nice bungalow complex with 8 new units.  
The name on the sign is in Thai, but the complex is right on
the road and easy to see.  The Thai name translates to
(Kood View).  Bungalows go for 400b ($12.50) with a/c or
250b ($7.81) without.
At kilometer 26 (15.6 miles) there is the town of Khlong Yai
with a hotel, Khlong Yai Hotel, just north of the town.  

At kilometer 31 there is a resort sign for the Barn Talpue
Resort.  Several more signs start to popping up along the
road after Khlong Yai town pointing toward resorts on the
beaches.   The resorts are not quite on the road.  They are
kilometers off the main highway.   

We were enticed by one in particular signed for the
MOORUT Resort.  It started as a wild goose chase that
ended at a not so nice resort only to waste 45 minutes and
lots of energy.

Another resort sign for The Golden Beach appeared at
about kilometer 64 (38.4 miles).  Again we were enticed by
the nice sign and the elegant entrance.  After taking a long
steep ride down toward the beach we found the
bungalows.  Quite nice at the going rate of $50.00 per
night.  Back in the saddle again toward Trat.  

At kilometer 66 (39.6 kilometers) we stopped at one of the
few vendor stalls to buy food and water.  At this stop a Thai
family in a pick-up truck offered to give us a ride into Trat.  
We agreed just as it began to pour.  It rained for the entire
ride into Trat until night.

Slept - S A. Hotel
Location - Main road into Trat on left side of road.  Sign is
posted on the main street and the hotel is behind the
Large 6 story hotel with a restaurant and a large parking lot.
Amenities -  Huge tile room with two twin beds and one
double bed.  Fridge, a/c, en suite bath, shower over toilet.    
The room was on the first floor and we pedaled in the
bicycles fully loaded with our panniers.

Trat is a nice size town.  Developed with lots of shops,
places to eat, banks, pharmacies, internet and a mall like
building called the Department store with a well stocked
supermarket on the ground floor.  There are two central
markets close to each other.  The night market is very lively
with plenty of food vendors, stalls and fresh fruit and

Traffic is light and cycling is easy.  Most things of interest
are within walking distance.  The bus station is about 3
kilometers from the town center.

Other accommodations in town - Saw several
guesthouses/hotels on the main road.