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This note was sent from Panama by Kate Comiskey on April 13, 2006
I am writing to inform you that RORO - Roll on Roll off - is NO LONGER
AVAILABLE at all from Panama to anywhere on the Western seaboard of
South America. We have been in Panama for four days and have called
and visited every company that offers service for auto transport from
Panama to Ecuador, Peru, Chile. They have all informed us that due to
lack of cargo, RORO has been terminated to anywhere in this countries
by all shipping companies. The ONLY option for vehicles taller than 8.9
feet (size of the container) is to ship RORO from the US or possibly to
Colombia, Venezuela or Brazil, where these services are still offered. This
service was apparently terminated only a couple months ago. We are
trying to help another couple here in Panama whose vehicle is taller then
the container and it has proven to be extremely difficult. One person has
told us that it is possible to sometimes order a special container with an
open top to be sent to panama from another port along the coast , but it is
expensive and rare. It appears that container shipping is now the only

Thank you
Kate Comiskey
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