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Shipping a Vehicle Oakland, California, USA to Santiago, Chile
VEHICLE: Jeep Wrangler including 2 bicycles and gear

METHOD: 20 Foot Container

For the outbound shipment from Oakland we used Allison
Shipping (Allisonshipping.com) and spoke with Meredith
Petrlich.  The service cost about $3300.  They were very
businesslike, prompt and helpful.  We were pleased with
their service.

In Santiago we worked with Kenrick Ltda (kenrick.cl).  They
were referred to us by Allison.  They had very fancy offices
in a skyscraper and were very helpful, but charged us
$700 for what seemed like little work other than hiring a
customs broker who actually walked around with us during
the customs process.

This information was sent to us by Brad Copithorn.  He
traveled through much of South America, including Peru
and Ecuador without a Carnet de Passage and had this
advise for others, "Also, on another note, we drove
through almost all of South and Central America w/o a
Carnets and were never asked for one (this includes Peru
and Ecuador .)  Title, registration, proof of insurance and
international drivers license (available at AAA) are
sufficient.   I used copies of each of these and kept the
originals locked deep in my vehicle.  Remember, south of
Mexico it is very unlikely that a customs agent has ever
seen a California title before.  If you smile and act helpful
at customs, they will tend to let you interpret the
documents for them.  South America is far easier than
Central America