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Shipping a Vehicle from Puerto Caldera,Costa Rica to Esmeraldas, Ecuador
We've only had one so far - from Puerto Caldera in Costa
Rica to Esmeraldas in Ecuador in June 2004 - and it was
very positive. We wrote about crossing the Darien Gap in our
TravePod Entries #19 and 20.  We shipped our van RoRo
with NYK on "MV Libra Leader", which does a trip every two
months dropping off new Japanese cars at ports all down the
western seaboard of Central America to Guayaquil, Ecuador.
It cost us US$250 for shipping plus another $100 or so for
port fees. We were somewhat apprehensive about handing
our keys over at the port, but had absolutely no problems -
we stayed with the van until the last possible moment in
Puerto Caldera, and were waiting for it to arrive in
Esmeraldas. The shipping took 5 days, plus a couple of days
at the ports at each end for paperwork and the inevitable
delays. Our Carnet de Pasaje - issued by CAA in Ottawa -
was the essential customs document for entry into Ecuador -
besides all the other regular documents re ownership and
other paperwork, of course. (As an aside, it is the only time
we've been absolutely required to use the Carnet on the trip
so far. We have used it a couple of times when we wanted
the vehicle in a country for more than the three months
which a temporary import permit usually allows - the Carnet
seems to allow at least 8 months, as far as we can gather).
The person to contact in Costa Rica about shipping with NYK
is Milton Madriz - he was extremely helpful, especially once
we had made a personal visit to his office on the outskirts of
San Jose (we find that it is often difficult to get shipping
agents to reply to initial e-mail enquiries). He can be reached
at mmadriz@nauticeam.co.cr or nautica@racsa.co.cr
Report Submitted by:
Gerry & Sharon Channer
See their blog