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Shipping a Car
Shipping a Vehicle from Costa Rica to Ecuador
using Roll-On Roll-Off Service

My boyfriend Josh just sent you an email with some details
on shipping our car roro from costa rica to ecuador, just
wanted to add a few things! The mexican office is the one
that calls the shots, and the person to contact is Lidia
Castellanos (speaks english) at
lidia.castellanos@mx.nykline.com and she can give a quote.
She's also got a direct phone line, but you'll have to contact
an NYK office for the number. Be patient, as she was helpful
but very very slow and getting back to us, we had to wait a
long time and never got a reply, so best to try and phone or,
even better, try and get into the NYK office in Mexico, as they
are the ones that call the shots, and they're generally slow
and responding via email. Best to try and get in contact with
someone as early as possible.

Alejandro is the boss in Costa Rica, and he is EXTREMELY
unehlpful, and tried to STOP our car from getting on the boat.
Try and deal with Mexico as much as possible first.

Otherwise the shipping itself was 370 plus port fees. etc.
was 550. It took 6 days and arrived in Manta. Customs was
pretty easy although they took about a day, and we were
able to do it all ourselves.

We did NOT need the Carnet de Passage, since it is not
longer legally required. It used to be, but a short while ago
that was changed to increase tourism.

http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/country/ecuador/protest.php has more
info on that.Otherwise, everything went pretty smoothly.

Hope this will do!

- Anya


We have JUST received our car yesterday from the port of
Manta and are now driving in Ecuador.  It's true, information
on shipping is very difficult to find.  Having done it, I can sum
it up by basically saying that it can either be extremely
difficult, or just expensive.  I'm not sure how much research
you've done, but there are basically two methods: RORO
and Container.

RORO:  Roll on Roll off cargo ship, kinda like a car ferry but
you can't ride on it.  We did this, and all in after everything it
cost us about $550.  These boats appear to be few and far
between, and difficult to get on.  NYK RORO is the company
we found, I'm not sure what other shipping companies offer
roro service, don't know if there are others on the Pacific

If you want to ship RORO: beware, shipping costa rica to
ecuador (our route) is apparently the best route... you can't
do it from Panama as far as I know.  Unfortunately, the NYK
office in Costa Rica (San Jose) is very difficult and won't
help you get on the boat (they tried to actually stop us in our
case), so this is tricky.  Fortunately for you, the people who
call the shots for NYK are in the Mexico office.  I suggest
before leaving that you go to the NYK office in Mexico and
make an absolutely rock solid booking that you have no
doubt about before continuing on.  Otherwise, it may be
beyond difficult, or even impossible.

Container:  This all looks fairly easy actually... I haven't done
it, but we looked into it quite seriously when RORO was
looking bad.  Apparently there are boats going from
Panama to Colombia or Ecuador once a week or so (much
more frequent than RORO, which appears to be about once
a month... then again I did come across a cryptic schedule
that may or may not be RORO that shows more sailings...
check with Mexico on this).  I have some contacts for you
should you choose to ship container from Panama.  The
prices I got were all around $1200, which breaks down to
about $750 for the container itself and then a bunch more for
loads of other crap involved... I would budget at least another
$300, maybe even more for port fees and customs and such
(shipping RORO we paid about $170 worth, but that was in
Costa Rica/Ecuador, and I think RORO is much simpler than
container as far as paperwork goes).  If your shipping agent
gives you a higher price than $1200 ish, chances are you're
being routed north through Mexico or Miami... find another
agent (if an option).

From what I've read, your dog shouldn't be a problem... I
wish we had one with us!  (we may find a little friend yet).

Below are emails I received from two Container shipping
agents in Panama... they both seemed good, but Evelyn
comes highly recommended by other overlanders.

       Mr. Lambert,

       Not, unfortunately NYK sailings to the pacific side of
South America don´t stop in Panama.

       We can offered a container service to Guayaquil,

       Ocean freight   Usd.1,200.00

       Rate include Bunker, THC, Car Stuffing into container
and BL Fee)

       Transit Time:  3-4 days.

       Any question, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

       Nice day,

       Evelyn N. Batista E.
       Sales Executive
       Barwil Unitor Ship Service
       Barwil Agencies, S.A.

       Panama City Office
       Avenida Balboa, Galerias Balboa Building
       Second Floor, Suite 35
       Phone: 507 253-7755
       Fax: 507 223-0698
       Cellphone: 507 6673-8150
       Email: Evelyn.Batista@wilhelmsen.com

   Vanessa Degracia

    Lo-Lo what´s we can offer you. (edit: This is Lift On Lift

   Port of loading: Cristóbal, Pan
   Por of discharge:  Cartagena, Col.
   20DC = $600.00 + $200.00 bunker + $50.00 BL
   Additional services:
   Stowe of the vehicle on Cristóbal: $150.00 per vehicle
   Discharge of the vehicle on Cartagena:  $160.00 per
container of 20DC
   Rates valid for vehicles in container
   Port to Port
   Freight:  PREPAID
   Rates valid for 15 days
   Weekly departures, transit time of 1-2 days
As Reported by
Anya and Josh at