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Shipping a Vehicle Guayaquil, Ecuador to Panama City, Panama
VEHICLE: Jeep Wrangler including 2 bicycles and gear

METHOD: 20 Foot Container

In Guayaquil we used a company called Intercilsa, who I
would strongly recommend against.  They were very
expensive, slow, unresponsive and completely missed
agreed-upon deadlines. They also did not know much
about the rules for shipping a personal automobile.

In Panama City we used a small local broker, Wilberto
Santos who was outstanding  (aduanasantos.com).  He
took ownership of our problem and led us through the
considerable maze of Panamanian customs.  He is a very
charming, handsome man who had full attention of the
ladies in each office we visited.  I can’t remember
exactly what I paid him, but it was not very much.  (Maybe

This information was sent to us by Brad Copithorn.  He
traveled through much of South America, including Peru
and Ecuador without a Carnet de Passage and had this
advise for others, "Also, on another note, we drove
through almost all of South and Central America w/o a
Carnets and were never asked for one (this includes Peru
and Ecuador .)  Title, registration, proof of insurance and
international drivers license (available at AAA) are
sufficient.   I used copies of each of these and kept the
originals locked deep in my vehicle.  Remember, south of
Mexico it is very unlikely that a customs agent has ever
seen a California title before.  If you smile and act helpful
at customs, they will tend to let you interpret the
documents for them.  South America is far easier than
Central America