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Shipping from North America to South America
by Roll On Roll Off
by John Lockwood
John did quite a bit of research...so I posted it.

I thought you might be interested in an update on my attempts to find a RO/RO
connection to South America for a 1997 Toyota pickup with a low profile pop-up
camper with two sea kayaks on roof racks at 18.5’L x 7’W x 9.4’H
= 1217.3 CFT. APX emailed me that their RO/RO rate calculator was in Bata test
and producing results that were incorrect. ShipOverseas has been prompt in their
replies but very expensive – more that 40’ containers from APX. The most
intriguing is the CSAV list at the bottom. What do you know about difficulties of
shipping out of Mexico for someone with no Spanish and little knowledge? The
ones highlighted in green are the main contenders.

Ship Overseas (888) 779-9153

$2,295, RORO, Galveston, TX, to Santos, Brazil, 3/20, #B23362

$3,225, RORO, Galveston, TX, to Zarate, Argentina, 3/20 #B23362

$2,825, Long Beach, CA to Santos, Brazil about 4 weeks.

$3,555, Long Beach, CA to Zarate, Argentina., 3/31/ #B23362


$1,916, Miami to Montivideo, Light Duty Truck and Vans (900 To 1250 Cubic
Feet), 3/20

$2,112, Miami to Montevideo, 18.75x7x10, 1312.5CFT, 3/23

$2,112, Houston to Montevideo, 18.75x7x10, 1312.5CFT, 3/23, RO/RO

$2,240, Houston to Zarate, Argentina RO/RO #0422334, I have not yet been able
to get them to give me a departure/arrival schedule?

$2,076, Tacoma to Valparaiso (Chile) 3/23, RO/RO *0418819

The rates to Montivideo and Valparaiso appear to be pure Bull. As far as I can tell,
there is no RO/RO service to Uruguay or Tacoma to Chile. I have contacted APX
three of four times and can’t get a straight answer.

NYK Logistics RORO/PCC
Apr 22, Manzanillo, Mexico on Izu/107; Acapulco; Manta, Ecuador; May 9,
Valparaiso, Chile, 17 days.

Apr 15, Long Beach, CA Soga/49; May 9, Valparaiso, Chile, 24 days;  Apr 27-
May 23

These routes for Ro/Ro service were on NYK web site but they also proved to be
BS. The NYK west coast service was discontinued last year.

CSAV, Cars RORO: (800) 804-9391

May 4, Acapulco, Mexico; 12 May, Manta, Ecuador; 14 May, San Antonio, Chile
on Cosmos Express, 10 days!

I have asked for a quote but not received it yet. Richard, what do you know about
problem with customs, etc. starting a RO/RO shipment from Acapulco?

My fall back option if none of RO/RO options look safe or affordable is to take the
camper and kayaks off the truck and put them both in a 40’ container:

40’ container, Houston To Montevideo (Uruguay) $2,670 = $2295 + 375 if
APX does customs clearance in Uruguay.

What do you think of this option compared to the APX RO/RO Houston to
Zarate, Argentina above?