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Mission from Dog
Lorraine Chittock shipped her van, which was once a police
surveillance vehicle, from Panama to Colombia in July 2007.   
She is on an extended journey with her canine companions and
would like to hear from anyone who has traveled internationally
with their pets.  She can be contacted through her website
above.  Her shipping experiences are listed below.  
I crossed back in July, and paid a fortune. However, I
had NO problems. I went with the following people,
and paid approximately these fees:

20 DC
Oceanfreight        Usd.1,025.00
Bill of Lading Fee       50.00
Port Charges in Panama   10.00

Rate include stuffing into container. Customs and Port
Charges at discharge port not include.

Frequency: Weekly (Every Friday)
Transit Time: 1 days appx.

Any question, please don't hesitate to contact....

Mabil Estribi
Barwil Agencies, S.A.

On the Colombian side I paid I think $200 total. To get
it out of
Colombian customs took one full day. Smooth, no
problems, no bribes. It would have cost about $850 for
shipping had I found someone else to share
a container. Alas, no one else around.