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Shipping a Vehicle Panama City, Panama to Manta, Ecuador
using Roll On Roll Off Service
I just shipped a ford escort 1992 from panama city to
manta, ecuador. it cost me $700 on panama side and $70
on the ecuador side.

The company was Norton Lily which is associated with
NYKshipline.. It was a RORO boat that leaves once a mo th.
i was in contact with Maria del Carmen Gutiérrez and
phone number (507) 269 8619- 269 2114 email
sales@notrton-lily.com.  www.nortonlilly.com. and caritza
Sánchez phone (507) 304 4632 - 304 4600 both numbers
are for panama.
both these women were really nice and although they dont
speak english, their spanish was really clear. They gave
me a map with the location of the police and customs that
you have to visit before boarding the boat... I did all of this
in 2 days (the boat was leaving sooner than i expected). on
the ecuador side, things are a little less orderly. there are
3 main offices that you have to deal with. firstly the
shipping company office is in the centre of town.
Transoceanica LTd. edificio banco del pinchincha. 9th
floor. office number 905. here i had to pay the $70 to get
the originals of all the forms and for service fees. then i
went to the dock to the customs and got the tourist pass
for driving in ecuador (free for up to 90 days) then i had to
go pay a port tax of $6.75 to another office, i cant find the
address but its in the centre of town aswell and with all this
you can go back and pick up the car.
so thats it.. it wasnt hard but it wasnt easy... not many
people speak english.. but then again my spanish isnt
great and i got away with it.