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I wrote you about a while back seeking help about shipping our car, an old Land Rover, from
the US to Malaysia for our overland expedition in Asia. You kindly responded very promptly with
advice about where and how to look help in shipping our vehicle over. It was rather
discouraging when I first started calling around in the US trying to find a shipping company that
would not send us to the poor house. Some of the prices quoted were simply exorbitant, and
many only dealt with companies rather than individuals. In any case we finally settled on a
freight forwarder who took care of everything for us. The price was good, much better than any
quoted us by other companies, and they gave us good service. As normal procedure, they gave
us the name of a company at the destination point that would handle all the paperwork involved
in getting the car into the country. However, the agent in the US told us to shop around for a
freight forwarding agent once we got to our destination, and not just go with the one listed by
the shipping company over here. We were fortunate in finding a freight forwarder at our
destination at Pulau Pinang who was simply excellent.
Shipping a Vehicle from the United States to Malaysia
Here's the shipping info for our car using Eastern Export, International Freight Forwarders.

Shipped from Norfolk Va USA. to Butterworth, Malaysia. We drove the vehiicle ourselves from Richmond to Norfolk
where it was loaded onto a 20' container from a flat bed tow truck. The vehicle was secured by chocks on all 4 wheels and
two straps from both axles. It was loaded and then sealed in our presence.

The freight forwarder took care of all paper work. Once the paperwork was processed and the vehicle was cleared
through US customs, they FEDXed the title back to us with all the infomation we needed for the destination point. Total
cost for Eastern Export was US$2205. This included container, stuffing, loading etc. at the US point as well as shipping to
the destination point.

Even though I had Penang as the destination, the container really arrived at Butterworth which is the port serving Penang, an
island just across from Butterworth. The freight forwarder we used was out of Penang. They got the our Carnet stamped
and the vehicle through customs without any delay problems. We were there with one of their people as the car went
through the  customs inspection. However due to some regulations here we could not take the car immediately from the
customs. It had to be delivered to a freight depot. The car remaied in the container all this time. Because of a delay in
satisfying legal requirements for driving in Malaysia, we had to remove the car from the container before we could drive it.
We removed it with assitance from the depot workers. Two days later we drove the car awayr from the depot at
Butterworth with no problem. Everyone we came in contact with was most helpful. Total cost was RM1213.00, which
comes to US$328.00. This included everything at the destination point, transfer from ship to dock, haulage to customs and
then to thee depot, unstuffing at depot and all other service fees. I though it was most reasonable. I used Pulau Freight
Forwarding here.