It's strange to admit that we've learned a valuable lesson from a giant
hunk of metal and wheels, something that most people would
consider an inanimate object, but that's just what happened.  This
simple yet versatile vehicle faced the greatest challenges any vehicle
could confront and passed with flying colors.  Not the newest, most
expensive model with all the buzzers and gadgets.  Not the most
powerful or the most durable.  Not the most spacious camper or the
best off road performance.  In fact, not the most or best of anything.

But it just keeps chugging along, slowly but surely, and it takes us
wherever we want to go.
Some Technical Specifications
The vehicle is a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia
Campervan Engine: New 1600 single port (1971 stock)
Oil Bath Air Filter

Tires: BF Goodrich  27 85 14
Shocks: KYB Gas Charged

Gages: Head Temperature and Tachometer
Fuel Capacity 13.1 US Gal., Exterior Tanks 10 US Gal
Spare Tire & Fuel Canister Mounting Bracket
Tim Maguire of Racer X in El Cajon, California made a swing out
spare tire mount with room for two-5 gallon gas tanks and a high lift
jack.  Racer X, 1460 Fayette Street, El Cajon, CA  92020, (619)
258-1746.  To see more photos of the bumper click here.
-Added an                               to keep the van warm at night.
-Installed a propane regulator that automatically adjusts to altitude
and temperature.
-Installed a fitting to allow connection of an
-Added external fuel and water tanks.
-Installed a                              on the sink.
-Removed the electric refrigerator for more storage.
-Purchased really good sleeping bags and a .
-Purchased an extra-large propane tank.  We spent some cold
nights in Europe because we could not find propane and hope to
avoid this with the extra tank.
-Waterproofed the pop-top with a water repellant paint.
-Installed a
-Purchased two                                       that have saved us from
sleepless nights in the tropical heat and humidity
Camping Modifications
Campsite along the Indian Ocean
Ferry Crossing in Belize
Driving some of the worst roads that Mexico, Central America,
South America and Africa could throw at us the van never left
us stranded for long.  From high atop the Andes to the dry
Namibian deserts to the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it thrived on
whatever fuel we could find and happily chugged along as the
third member of our team.

The pop-top roof and the camping equipment made us a
spectacle from Nicaragua to Uganda.  Inside our tiny van
Amanda created a miniature rolling abode by sewing throw
pillows and adding those special touches that create the feeling
of home.  

Within our cocoon we made a comfortable life for ourselves with
very limited resources.  We cooked our own meals, and by the
end of the trip had slept more than a thousand nights in our
cozy pop top bed.
The Namibian Desert
Patagonian Mountain Range
The Motor
The mechanics who became friends...Imagine that!
BRU Automotive built the motor that pushed us all the way around
the world.  You can find them at 5625 El Cajon Blvd.  San Diego, CA  
92115  (619) 287-9716
We are attached, some would say in an unnatural way, to the simplicity of this life.  We have few
distractions, limited clutter and a bare minimum of possessions, allowing us the freedom to follow
our dreams.  We can move on a whim, stay for a month or leave this afternoon.
When we left home we didn't know how to fix a Volkswagen
(or any other car!)  We learned by doing!
Luxury Living Quarters
On Safari in Mozambique
Racor Fuel/Water Seperator
Hi-Lift Jack
Optima Battery
Olympian Heater
external propane tank
Shur Flow Faucet
Solar Shower
Thetford Porta Potty
Oscillating 12 Volt Fans

Spare Parts List
Tools List
First-Aid Kit
Custom Made Bars and Window Covers
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